Annual reports



The year 2017 once again confirms the ruggedness of the consortium. The addition of new members reflects the pertinence of our interventions.

As a matter of fact, the work undertaken by the team continues to produce concrete and significant benefits for the entire industry. The activities of the Centre ACER are clearly oriented towards finding solutions to the different challenges faced by the Quebec maple sugar industry. We must also highlight the use of the SpectrAcer(TM) in real-life classification, the √ R5 (bud) research program on flavor shortcomings, the confirmation of the safety of isopropyl alcohol use (IPA) for the sanitization of tubing, or the evaluation of foaming-control options and the development of a promising approach to the elimination of sugar stones, which may potentially be accepted in organic production. All this work, done alone or in partnership with the industry, contribute to maintaining the competitiveness of our industry and to guaranteeing the quality of Quebec maple syrup.

As announced last year, and even though the Centre ACER is already very active in the transfer of knowledge via articles, conferences, interviews, among others, a significant and very pertinent rapprochement with technical support clubs has already been happening since the start of the year. A few meetings with club presidents and councillors have already carved the way for new avenues of collaboration. We highlight here the elaboration of a Quebec-scale group analysis combining productivity and economic performance aspects. This analysis, led by the Centre ACER, will involve consulting service coordination, an accounting firm and the technical support clubs.

In closing, the board of directors would like to thank the actors of the maple sugar sector and the consortium members for their contribution and support. I also take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the Centre ACER employees for their efforts and unique contribution to the Quebec maple sugar industry.


Serge Beaulieu