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October 08, 2012

Guide - « L’état de santé des érablières » (The health status of sugar bushes)

L’ÉTAT DE SANTÉ DES ÉRABLIÈRES - Diagnostic approach.

The collective experience of specialists played an important role in the establishment of health criteria and indicators for sugar bushes. Everyone who contributed directly or indirectly to the design and production of this document shared their knowledge in a selfless manner. It is because of their generosity that the document exists.

Available from our partners:

Les Équipements d’érablière CDL
Dominion & Grimm
H2O Innovation
Groupe BMR-Agrizone
Les Équipements Lapierre
Clubs d’encadrement acéricoles du Québec
L.S. Bilodeau
DSD International

To obtain the « L’état de santé des érablières » form, click here.

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