Mandate and objectives

Our mission

  • Research, development, and technological transfer in order to stimulate innovation and promote the sustainable development of the maple sugar industry.
  • Maintain and develop, in collaboration with our partners in Quebec and beyond, scientific and technological expertise within the maple sugar industry.
  • Contribute to raising the international profile and development of the Quebec maple sugar industry by technological mastery and scientific exchanges.

Our vision

  • To become an indispensable body in Quebec and be internationally known as a place where the best scientific knowledge concerning maple sugar production and processing is shared.

Our values

Client service

  • By listening and actively taking into account the needs of our clients and of the maple sugar industry.
  • By the pertinence, efficiency and appropriateness of our answers to their demands.
  • By our discretion, impartiality, and integrity.

Excellence and proficiency

  • By our scientific rigor
  • By the mastery and updating of our fields of expertise.


  • Between members of the organization to better serve our clients and the maple sugar industry.
  • With our clients in defining their needs and helping them with their projects.
  • With our scientific and business partners.

Dynamism and proactivity

  • By the originality of the solutions we develop.
  • By our constant concern for innovation and progress.

Our objectives

Increase the volume of applied research activity, development, and technological transfer as well as their applicable and adaptable character for the industry, mainly within the following fields:

  • Development of production and transformation techniques;
  • Control and improvement of the quality and safety of our maple products;
  • Valorization and sustainable exploitation of the resource.

Facilitate the exchange of scientific and technical information in order to help all actors of the maple sugar sector resolve different problems in the most efficient manner possible.