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September 15, 2020

Food Fraud - Adulteration Control on Quebec Maple Syrup

May 01, 2008

Maple syrup factsheet: Evaluating maple sap quality – the glucometer

As the maple sugar season advances, maple sap is more likely to be contaminated by microorganisms. A high level of microbial activity in maple sap will cause the inversion of sucrose resulting in the accumulation of inverted sugars such as glucose in maple sap. Inverted maple sap is often considered of poor quality since maple syrup made from it is generally darker in color and may also present taste defects such as burnt sugar taste. To improve the maple syrup production practices in regards to syrup quality and commercial value, it is necessary to monitor and evaluate the quality of maple sap during the course of the production. By doing so, production parameters related to the decrease in quality and commercial value can be identified and corrections can be applied. The glucometer is one such apparatus that can be used to set quality standards for maple sap.